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With over 250 characters (and counting) in our closet, The Fun Factory can find any character beloved by your child. We have literally 100’s of popular faces to choose from!

When your chosen character arrives for the party, he or she comes with a complete party package a professional 300 watt stereo system with party soundtrack, plus lots of music, games, stickers, face paints, and toys for everyone!

Each show lasts about one hour, and is specially designed for kids ranging in age from 1-to 9-years-old.

As the show begins, the character will appear, greet the birthday person, and dance with all the children while our professional - stereo system plays fun party music to keep the party lively.

We also bring toys for each and every child, all included in the party package!

After all of the children receive their toys, stickers, and stamps, everyone joins in the Birthday Parade. The character and birthday boy or girl lead the kids around the room as our professional stereo system plays a lively marching song.

The Birthday Parade is followed by a whole show featuring LOTS of music and games such as the Hokey Pokey Game, If You’re Happy and You Know it, The Limbo Game, and Hot Potato.

Another game we bring which kids love is called The Magic Tunnel .Kids have fun crawling in and out of our colorful Magic Tunnel! (Tube is fully adjustable, and can be done indoors or out.)

We also bring our Carnival Basketball Toss” game to every party. Kids take turns tossing kid-size basketballs into our carnival game hoop. Kid’s love it, and we adjust the size of the game to be at their level. Everyone wins, so everyone has fun!

At the end of the show, the character leads everyone in a rousing rendition of the Happy Birthday song, which is the perfect time for cake to arrive!







We can make time for photos, too, to give you and and your family memories for years to come!

Page Not Found - Dallas Kids Party Entertainment
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