Dallas Kids Party Entertainment Rentals Children’s Parties Rent Houston Clowns and Birthday Characters!

dallas kids party clown rentals houstin children's party entertainment austin texas partiesIf you are planning a birthday party for a child or toddler, renting a clown is a GREAT kids party idea! Clowns for kids parties are always a big hit with children ages 1 – 12 years old. A Good kids party clown entertainer can do all kinds of fun activities for children’s parties. Clowns can make kids laugh and play games and songs. A Dallas birthday party clown can do balloon animals, face – painting and even dazzling magic tricks for the kids at the party!  Kids love our fun and friendly clowns and children’s entertainers. Our clowns come in a variety of styles, we can do a traditional circus – theme clown show for kids ages 1 – 9 or a more modern clown look with less makeup for slightly older children.  If you are planning a birthday party for toddlers you can combine a clown party package with another form of entertainment rental such as renting a popular children’s party character costume like Elmo Dora Explorer or Yo Gabba Gabba. These fun and furry kids birthday characters make any party great!  You can do a half hour clown followed by a half hour party character show for kids, which is a great way to give something for everyone at the party!


KIDSPARTYDALLAS.COM is Texas’ # 1 Kids party planning company. Call them any time toll – free at 888-501-4FUN for help or advice planning your next party for children of any age!

Planning what type of kids party entertainment you will have at your upcoming party can be easy. A good rule of thumb recommended by KIDSPARTYDALLAS.COM is that a children’s party character rental is great for kids under 6 years old. For slightly older children 6 and up, a party clown rental or a Magician or Clown Magic show will really do the trick. Younger kids will probably have more fun watching their favorite t.v.  character, while kids age 6 and up will really enjoy interacting with the clown or magician.

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