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$325/ HR.




hire a magician for your event in DallasOur Professional Stage Magic Show will AMAZE you!

Our magicians, in Dallas County, Texas, have over 10 years experience performing at birthday parties, theaters, and magic conventions!

Our Magicians will keep your guests laughing with amazement at the dazzling tricks they perform. HOW do they DO that??? Plus, the birthday person gets to be the Magician’s Assistant, and help them make the magic happen!

This is the highest - quality personal magic show available anywhere! Even your adult guests will want to stay for the show!

you can hire a classic magician from Fun Factory in Fort Worth Texaswe have party supplies and various magicians for hire in houston texas

The size of this show is fully adjustable, and can be done indoors or out, and is great for kids ages 5 to 95! The entire package, which includes one hour of set - up, followed by a fantastic one hour show, is available for $325.00. Wow!

We know your life is busy and finding time to do everything is tough. Let our professional well trained Magicians help you plan a stress-free party. With over 10 years of experience our party magicians are not only members of the California Magic Academy but also perform at theaters and conventions. Our magicians will have your child and his or her guests will be so wrapped up in the fun of the moment that the time will disappear like…well, like magic! All you have to do is sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake!

Kids start counting the days and hours before their party. Why not make it extra special by making them the star of the show. They will be cheered on by all their friends as they assist with disappearing tricks and become part of the show. The kids may even go home with a few tricks up their sleeves so they can dazzle their friends and families back home.