Tell your friends about The Fun Factory - and get $$$ CASH BACK and DISCOUNTS for you and your friends!

That’s right! The Fun Factory, as part of our “Tell A Friend” Birthday Club Promotion, will give you cash back for every friend you refer to us who places an order.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter your contact information in the spaces provided below.
    (Please note: The Fun Factory has a Customer Privacy Protection Policy, and will never disclose any information provided by our customers to any outside source).
  • Next, enter contact information for each friend you would like to refer. We will email that person a Discount Coupon for entertainment services prior to their event.
  • For every referral you provide which results in an order, The Fun Factory will mail you a check for $15.00, up to $300.00!!! (2 orders = $30, 3 orders = $45,etc.,)

It’s an EASY way to earn valuable discounts and $$ CASH $$ for you and your friends!

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Thanks for joining our BIRTHDAY CLUB! We look forward to providing you AND your friends with the professionalism and quality you expect from The Fun Factory!

(Disclaimer: Promotion applies to orders for Party Characters, Clowns, Magicians, Ponies, Petting Zoos, Puppet Shows, Animal Shows, and large sized rental equipment. Offer does not apply to Standard sized Bouncehouses or Refreshment Machines. Promotion may be withdrawn at any time by Fun Factory without prior notification. For questions regarding this promotion or other Special Offers, please contact us via email or phone.)